A meeting planner can be invaluable to any individual or organization endeavoring to host a meeting or event anywhere in the world. Some planners prefer organizing social events, such as weddings, receptions, festivals, and parties in celebration of holidays, retirements, anniversaries, and birthdays. Some focus on corporate events, such as executive retreats and incentive programs, client appreciation and golf events, company milestones, board and shareholder meetings, team building events, and product launches.

Boss Meetings & EventsBoss Meetings & Events specializes in educational and training events. Our primary focus includes conferences, conventions, seminars, trade shows, workshops, retreats, symposiums, or conventions, all of which are geared toward providing relevant information to targeted audiences. We’re also group travel and tour specialists for alumni, academic and other groups. Here are some common situations where our meeting planning services would be beneficial:

– Business, personal/life, career, performance, relationship or other coaches with busy practices seek to launch a conference or series of seminars for client building or development. They need an expert to help put all the pieces together while they focus on filling seats.

– An established association or organization is struggling to effectively organize their next conference for members as they do not have the relevant skills. They need a meeting planner to help them to find a location, collect proposals from venues that would fit their program, and negotiate concessions and contract terms that add significant value to their meetings and the bottom line.

– A school or other academic organization wanting to organize regional college campus tours requiring overnight stays. They need a meeting planner to find lodging and negotiate terms of the contract.

– Alumni and former sports team members of a university reunite periodically for beach, golf or other trips both domestic and abroad. They would like an easier task of identifying locations and venues as well as coordinating details in a timely manner for all members of their group to make plans to attend. Their meeting planner takes control of the details, from collecting and distributing destination brochures to them, contacting properties selected for group rates, and securing their block of rooms and airport transfers. Their planner identifies vendors in each destination for dining, recreational and other activities and negotiates group discounts and scheduling.

Aspects of your meeting that meeting planners handle for you:

– Location (country/state/city) and site (resort/hotel/other) scouting
– RFP development and distribution
– Explaining any confusing terms, clauses or items that need to be addressed
– Negotiating contracts that cover all the bases and add value to your program
– Organizing travel arrangements and airport transfers
– Scheduling excursions, activities and transportation
– Liaising with vendors and suppliers
– Website design consulting and site development project management
– Reconciling post-event invoices
– Post-event surveys

At Boss Meetings & Events, we’re experienced professionals who possess the skills to get the job done with finesse, on time, and within budget. Please get in touch for a free consultation.