6 Tips for Preventing Site Selection Tour Stupor

Experienced meeting planner - Tia Ross, Boss MeetingsWhen touring more than three hotels or convention venues in one day or more than six in a week, the likelihood of your developing what I’ve come to refer to as “Site Tour Stupor” increases. Symptoms can include:

  • A glazed look about the eyes (“The Blank Stare”)
  • Blurred vision
  • Keen sense of deja vu
  • Diminished listening capacity
  • Loss of energy/sudden urge to nap
  • Varying degrees of apathy
  • Inability to identify or recall distinguishing details of property during tour or after departure

On occasions where there’s no other logical option but to knock out the tours back to back, I’ve developed a few simple strategies and general rules of thumb to help combat the dreaded anti-productive Site Tour Stupor.
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